Packaging That Sells

The Drake // Chicago, IL

Fall // 2018

Keynote Address: When The Package Becomes The Brand

Marc Rosen, President & CEO, Marc Rosen Associates


Packaging is the paramount factor by which consumers decide to make a purchase—especially in the beauty and perfume industry. Design has become an experience sought out by consumers who want to be socially recognized by products they own.

Keynote speaker Marc Rosen will address “When The Packaging Becomes The Brand,” using examples from his own fragrance, make-up and skincare packaging as well as other high-end cosmetic brands. Marc will use this as a springboard to then discuss how luxurious liquor and food packaging has created new brands or resurrected venerable ones.

Whether we are creating bottles for perfume, designing a building or an interior, or suggesting a lifestyle through fashion, all designers are packaging, or marketing, an experience,” says Rosen, a renowned designer and professor of packaging design at New York’s Pratt Institute.


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